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2024 News Report
The N.U.R Party wins landslide victory, thanking their supporters for their assistance and trust Prime Minster William Northwell promised that though there are hard times ahead we will face and overcome them together. More news of the election follows the story of unconfirmed reports of the Royal Navy being engaged in a gun battle with refugees in the English Channel…




The British Isles at the start of the 21st century like most other world nations is governed by short sighted principles and the common man has no care greater than the comfort of their lifestyles.


The existence of the Falklands oilfields is confirmed and exploration and extraction strategies are begun.


Driven by a need to preserve their increasingly fragile energy supplies the British Government begins a plan to construct a network of 17 new nuclear powerstations and the major expansion of many existing sites.  This plan is hurriedly implemented with an aim to have the first stations up and running by the end of 2017.

To underline the vulnerability of energy supplies the winter of 2012 is marked by massive gas shortages as Russia restricts supply to the west.


All British international peacekeeping forces are recalled, Britain begins an isolationist policy, with stated goals of only protecting existing British interests.

America begins its ‘infra-structure war’ with the aim of reducing any hostile states ability to manufacture WMDs, the majority of this ‘war’ is carried out through remote-drone and cruise-missile strikes.


Global warming effects are confirmed and a major shift in world temperatures is considered to already have begun. Few are able to offer any methods of reducing these effects and many consider any actions will be too little and too late. Some Governments begin plans to contain the impact of these climate changes but most critiques agree that all plans are massively too small.


The first of the Plan 17 nuclear reactors comes online. Resumed deep mining in Britain allows continued power generation by the remaining fossil fuel plants but energy prices soar.

Worldwide influenza outbreak leaves and estimated 4% of the world’s population dead. The death toll is highest in developing countries with close living conditions and poorer healthcare systems.


Major increases in global temperature leads to flooding and shifts in weather patterns across the world. Western Europe, American and areas of Africa and East Asia are flooded by an influx of refugees and displaced peoples.

The current government flounders and collapses.


The N.U.R (National Unified Reform) party gain a massive share of the popular vote away from the traditional parties. The general election results in a hung parliament with which is only closely broken by uniting several of the major parties.

N.U.R’s election slogan of security of power, security of food and security of life becomes a rallying call for many people across Britain.

Second Falklands War as Britain moves to protect oil interests in the South Atlantic

The winter of 2018 sees a large number of border and internal conflicts across the world as states move to secure resources or preserve the integrity of their home-lands.

Britain restricts cross border travel resulting in diplomatic tensions with the European Union.

A second worldwide influenza outbreak kills a further 7% of the world population, this infection is considered to be a mutation of the stain from 2016. Many are critical of health organisations inability not to keep pace with changes in the virus. The increased death rate is put down in many cases to the susceptibility of those who were weakened in the previous pandemic.


Expanding worldwide unrest is recognised as the Resource Wars, as local conflicts spread into battles for oil or fertile land. Nations faced with shortages of food and water increasingly become lawless states, with militia bands acting independently against more fortunate neighbours.

Britain becomes embroiled in a major land war in South America it seeks to further protect its South Atlantic interests. America joins the UK in these actions after Venezuelan rebels attack US oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

PMCs are used by multi-national companies worldwide as they struggle to maintain their holding in nations upon the verge of collapse. PMCs are increasingly equipped to a level comparable to national armed forces. America actively supports this campaign to reduce its need to deploy armies to these bush-conflicts.


Driven by a second year of failed harvests and war, refugee numbers reach epic proportions. Many governments institute closed border policies, South Africa closes the full length of its land border, in America the Mexican border becomes a 500m deep firing line where attempts to cross are resisted with lethal force. Whilst in Britain all ports and airports become closed facilities with entrance and exit strictly controlled, detained immigrants are immediately interned into camps whilst in the channel patrol-boats turn-about any vessel found to be carrying illegal-immigrants. Main-land Europe suffers heavily due to years of open borders and the shear scale of land to be guarded, France and Germany initiate a massive search and detention policy with heavy criminal prosecution for anyone found to be assisting would-be immigrants. China takes a different approach, screening incomers for worth and driving the remainder into a desolate hinterland.

By the winter of 2020 some nations have ceased to exist in any recognisable state, areas of resources are hastily claimed by neighbour states if possible but often these regions are reduced to fractured lawless places, their infrastructure crumbling without any centralised rule. In these lands, petty warlords begin struggles for domination.


2021 saw tensions between the remaining stable state increase, chiefly over the division of further resources and the handling of immigrants. The mass expulsion and forced repatriation of so many, most with no nations left to return to brought about the creation of a stateless class. These people pooled in lawless or otherwise unclaimed areas of the world – these camps becoming breeding grounds for terrorism and the greatest levels of degradation.


India and Pakistan come within days of a nuclear exchange only last minute emergency talks with delegations from China and Russia avert the first nuclear war in history. Tensions remain high though and conventional warfare continues across the sub-Asian region.

An unknown cataclysmic event turns the November sky red, and across the planet explosions in the megaton range rock the world. These impacts are seemingly random and are worldwide. Global governments and power structures reel from this unknown attack and rapid finger-pointing seeks to place the blame on traditional enemies.

Media and governments are unable to effectively respond to this crisis and it remains for independent commentators and bloggers to record the changing face of the world. Nearly two days after the first events, communication systems fail worldwide and people are left in isolation.

Chaos grips the world. People flee as best they can from the immediate sites of destruction, but the lack of clear organisation or goal makes any attempt to aid or escape minor at best.


Nuclear fallout from the event-sites is added to that from damaged and malfunctioning nuclear plants, in Britain people flee the major impact sites of the midlands and the north for comparative safety of the South and East Coast. Wales also becomes a haven of some safety for the dispossessed but a large event-site in south-west Wales coupled with the prevailing wind from the Atlantic causes much concern for health.

N.U.R becomes an influential local force. With groups spread across Britain and a major popularity within the armed forces, they are at the forefront to recover from the damage to the country. When parliament is restored they join the emergency government.


In the spring’s general elections the N.U.R party claim a landslide victory.

The government begins a massive rebuilding plan with an immediate goal of securing Britain’s borders and preserving a local food supply. Strict rationing and government controls are brought in to conserve levels of food and other vital resources. The channel tunnel is sealed and the seas are watched and patrolled.

Reporting is limited, but the few stories coming out of Europe suggests that the damage on the continent is as bad if not worse than in the British Isles. Many European nations have lost control of their populations and borders, people fleeing to wherever is considered safe, agencies and organisations are unable to effectively respond.

The first Kellerman response is detected when investigating the centres of the 2022-Impacts.


The effects brought about by the Kellerman fields are witnessed, but most information is kept guarded to only a few members of the scientific community. As a result of these new risks, the first Zones of Exclusion are created until the effects are fully understood.

The Birmingham event-site suffers a massive emission and a wave of unknown energy emanates out for several km. A massive fallout of radiation is also experienced. The Zone boundary and neighbouring communities are instantly lost. Within several days all event-sites exhibit similar behaviour. The military and police forces evacuate people where possible, but the little-understood nature of the Kellerman-field and the rapidly changing location and nature of these emissions make all actions extremely difficult. Initial signs show this is a global occurrence.

Widespread effected areas appear, they simply become known as Zones, strange affects within these areas make global travel extremely hazardous as planes and ships easy stray into invisible fields and are destroyed or others just simply disappear. Long range communication is similarly effected, communication cables are severed and radio transmissions are impossible due to interference. Britain is truly alone.

The N.U.R Government calls for state of emergency to exist; other political parties agree for no elections or politicking until the crisis has passed.


People are drawn to the Zones increasing numbers, many sure that these areas hold wealth of secrets worth the risks involved. An increasingly overwhelmed army can do little to prevent these incursions. Trespassers are detained or shot on sight by army patrols and the Zones’ own dangers are little understood.

The first Artefacts are discovered. Initial ignorance of them is quickly replaced with a desperate gold-rush as explorers seek to recover as many Artefacts as possible. Death rates are massive amongst these first adventures, but experience and luck means that enough survive to tell fantastic tales of treasures and discovery.


The government declares that all Artefacts are state property and civilian possession is a punishable crime. This does little to inhibit the scavengers even in the face of the Army’s increasingly hostile Zone-boundary blockades.

Witnessing the impressive effects wrought by Anomalies and Artefacts, some believe the Zones may hold the very future of the British Isles, or even humanity itself. There is always the worry that some group of even other nation, if any others still exist, may uncover these secrets creating a technological gap the like of which has never before been seen.


Britain exists as an independent state constantly striving to repair the damage that has been done. People live simple and hard lives, food is short and luxuries are nearly non-existent. Radiation and Zone expansion is a constant looming threat to the population – however the Zones remain a seductive lure to people of a certain mind. Those who seek something, be it knowledge, wealth, freedom or adventure are often called to brave the Zones’ depths in-search of what they seek.











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