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Political and Geographic Division of the British Isles.

2023 N.U.R Party Archive
Parliament has been restored today, with all surviving parties uniting to form an emergency interim government. A general election has been scheduled for two months time where an official Emergency Government will be decided upon and a new Prime Minister will be chosen to lead this Country forward through this Crisis.



Following the restoration of order and the implementation of Relief Parliament, it became clear that traditional forms of government were not practical due to the fractured nature of the country. Instead, the British Isles were divided into thirteen administrative Districts, each controlled by a Governor. These officials have direct authority over police forces in local areas, whilst the resident Garrisons are under the authority of a Chief of Security, who is charged with maintaining the integrity of the District’s borders. District Governors are assisted by a Council of twenty representatives – both the Governor and Council are elected positions, but only those approved by the Central Committee maybe nominated.

Life for most people is hard, but easier than the years that have gone before. Rebuilding is going well, and gone are the food and power shortages that marred the early years after the appearance of the Zones. All are expected to work, and jobs are assigned by companies and the Government based on peoples’ abilities. Unemployment is illegal for any but the most seriously disabled, and everyone is required to pull their weight – the most lowly roles are those of the Recycling-Processors (commonly reduced to RP’s) who must sift and work waste for reclamation. Food and resource rations are issued based on productivity, but rations are fairly relaxed and few go hungry. In this environment, however, a large black-market for goods has sprung up, organised and supplied by criminal gangs, and though prosecution for involvement in these crimes is harsh many still run the risk for the profits or for the chance of a little luxury. The majority of the population dwell within the cities, where new high-rise developments are replacing the ruined buildings destroyed in the Event. British industry has been rebuilt and now works to supply the needs of the recovering population as, with overseas imports now impossible, all products need to be locally produced from locally available materials. Over 1/3 of the urban population works in manual roles, either within factories or supporting and repairing the slowly declining infrastructure; items designed to be disposable 15 years earlier are still in service being rebuilt and repaired. Criminal gangs are an ever-present shadow hanging about the outskirt of the city areas and terrorism is common worry – to combat this, police and military checkpoints are through-out the cities and curfews are common to limit risks. Riots over food or stirred up by terrorist groups were once regular occurrence, and though recent crackdowns have limited the occurrences of this violent bloodshed, Army and Police units still stand ready should anyone else disrupt the peace.

Beyond the urban centres, all viable Zone-free land is turned over to farming and forestry. The need to feed the surviving population is great, as is the requirement to produce plant oils for chemical works. Over a 1/4 of all grown land is being turned over for the production of bio-diesel and other fuels. National companies manage vast factory farms with workers staying at onsite dormitories. Where smaller farms exist, they are hard pushed, working the land at the edges of the habitable Zones, often pushing into radioactive or Zone closed areas. Rural communities are small with jobs relying on farming or the infrastructure to manage the land or other local concerns. Small manufacturing or repair workshops are common, and in some areas, crafts and ways of life would almost seem to have been set back 200 years. Wherever the resources are discovered, mining towns spring up about the digging. They are often seen as a wild area where rough folk toil in hard conditions to uncover the resources needed to fuel the cities’ industries. Criminal groups operate in large numbers in these rough-and-ready settlements, supplying the miners and their families luxuries and contraband at high prices. The only other criminal interest in the wilds is the supply of illegal meat, where poachers provide city gangs with fresh meat to supply to a demanding populous. The source of this meat is questionable; many poachers choose to cross into Zones or radioactive areas where wildlife is more plentiful, though the risk of contamination is much greater. For many, though, the risk is immaterial as a boar or deer carcass can sell for over £1000 to end up in a New London restaurant.

Healthcare and medical treatment are supplied by a reformed National Health Service. All working people are eligible to receive treatment from a local medical clinic with central hospitals being reserved for referred cases. Government imposed restrictions limit each family to two children and those opting for sterilisation are rewarded with an increased allowance of rations – closely controlling the population is deemed necessary to carefully nurture growth and not to outstrip the remaining resources. Similarly, it is considered necessary to maintain a health population, all pregnancies showing signs of major disability are required to be terminated and those with serious mental or genetic deficiencies are subject to mandatory sterilisations. However, to support healthy children, rations are increased for families with dependants under 5 years of age.


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15th February (Friday) - IC evening
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16/17th March - Day Event - it is looking likely that this will be the 16th as F&H is running on the Sunday. Anyone interested in attending please let me know by the 17th of February (this Sunday). So long as numbers are decent we will be running the Dark Valley mission where are all that training from January can be put into play. This will also be our first multi-site mission.
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