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The Zones

Zones – for many a shadow of fear and danger, but for some an irresistible lure. Though the word Zone originally began to mean the military Zone of Exclusion surrounding the Event sites, the term now is

used to cover the entire environment of the excluded area, especially the active area subjected to Kellerman effects and are divided in to three main reagions. Zones are home to weird oddities and things that have never existed before in this world. Some creatures, mutated by the laws and radiation of the Zones, are recognisable as what were once normal animals, but other creatures seem to be entirely new, unknown to science and very dangerous, well adapted to life in the most hostile of environments.

Whilst it might be the roving monsters of the Zone that keep Zoners awake at night, it is the Anomalies that are the real killers, hidden spots in the land where the rules of science are broken and twisted, capable of slaying the unwary before their presence is even recognised. It is, however, from these twisted spots that the most valued treasures of the Zones are produced. Artefacts - mysteries to science, objects that also twist laws but can, in their own way, grant great benefits to their holder.

Zone Regions:

Cordon – this is the limits of the exclusion zone, it is a fenced boundary patrolled by military units. The Cordon is a bleak and deserted tract of land shunned by normal folk for fear of the Zones’ dangers. This region contains the garrisons of the BDF protection forces and the support laboratories of Zone science teams. Everything within the limits of the Cordon is considered to be Secondary Zone.

Fringes – this region is the lands within the Cordon that are not subjected to the effects of the Kellerman fields. The changing natures of these fields means that at some time much of these lands have been swept by the Zone. These regions are characterised by deserted settlements and ruined remnants of civilisation. Though they are free from the threat of Anomalies radioactive fallout is still present and Zone-creatures sometimes range out into the fringes. These regions are frequently the location of many of the Faction’s bases of operations and disagreements over land and

resources are a common source of conflict in these regions. The Fringes are supposedly under the jurisdiction of the BDF garrison’s but few commanders risk their men to attempt to fully patrol thes

e regions.

Zone – this regions is what could be considered to be ‘true’ Zone, this area is considered to be ‘active’ and is subjected to the effects of the Kellerman fields. It is designated by the authorities as the Primary Zone and all trespassing is considered to be the most serious of offences; lethal force is authorised in the detention of any caught violating this region. The BDF typically maintains heavily fortified forward-bases at the boundary of this region, resupplied by helicopter. Although supposed to engage in effective patrols of the boundary and Zone, it is debatable how many actually happen. Past the boundary, the true nature of the Zones is revealed; Anomalies and radiation are a constant threat and the risk of encounters with Zones wildlife is greatly increased. However it is within these lands that the greatest rewards can be found and it is into these regions that explorers press. A few groups operate semi-permanent field bases in more stable regions of the Zone, but most others only setup temporary camps within the Zones when needed.

Deep-Zone – deep past the Zones’ boundary is a hidden region known as the Deep-Zone. Most Zoners can spend years within the Zone and never reach these areas. It is in these regions that the Zones are both the most dangerous and more rewarding, as an explorer presses towards the centre they enter lands where few others have been and more discoveries still remain to be uncovered. Anomalies however are stronger and more frequent, radiation levels are higher and dangerous Zone wildlife is constant threat and these factors together leave the deep Zone as a mysterious land, realm of beasts and the most Elite-Zoners – for some it is a lifetime’s mission to brave the hazards of the depths and return to a hero’s welcome.

The Centre
– also known as the core, this is the very centre of the Zones. No known explorer has penetrated this far and lived to tell of it, though a few have reached the edges – they tell of a broken land, devastated by the explosions that began the Zones and the realm of Anomalies that have never before been seen. Some theorise that the causes of the Zones lie at their centres, but whatever this might be remains unknown. Some say a weapon, some something not of this world, a failed experiment or the footsteps of a god. Even the best speak of the Centres in hushed tones. It is a land of ghosts, where life is not possible. Those who would dare to suggest plundering the secrets there are laughed off as dreamers or fanatics, for few have ever tried to go that far and none have ever made it back.

2025 News Report
And in Science News the Government’s Marshwell Laboratories have announced that a team investigating the 2022 Impacts under Doctor Victor Kellerman has measured a previously unheard of wave function near the Birmingham impact site. The team has been unable to enter the crater itself but even from a distance this wave poses a range of new questions regarding the nature of the Impacts. Speaking at a press conference Doctor Kellerman announced the next stage would be gain readings from within the impact crater, something made difficult due to the unstable ground and high levels of radiation. Our main story again, ABP protesters have clashed with Police in the New London district…

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