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In the writing of this system I have been influenced to some degree or another by existing works. Whilst I believe that this project has produced an original I feel I should acknowledge some of these influences here:
Children of Men (2007 film)
Roadside Picnic (1972 book)
Stalker (1979 film)
Stalker (2007 video-game)
The Road (2006 book)

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5000 REM Update

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5000 REM

This website is still managed & updated for player services and downloads but for up-to-date news we've moved over to facebook for day to day information.





Evening everyone,
A reminder that this Friday is the IC evening at the Glowing Dog, start time will be 1900 as usual.
15th February (Friday) - IC evening
22nd February - Downtime Deadline
16/17th March - Day Event - it is looking likely that this will be the 16th as F&H is running on the Sunday. Anyone interested in attending please let me know by the 17th of February (this Sunday). So long as numbers are decent we will be running the Dark Valley mission where are all that training from January can be put into play. This will also be our first multi-site mission.
Mid April - Weekend Event/Indoor - this is dependent on a few things, though I have been told that F&H have a fest running on the 12th of April so it is unlikely to be then.
Any questions, please let me know.




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