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Open Organisations

Players are free to join any of the following organisations. Membership to more than one organisation it not typical and should be discussed with a Referee. The standard organisation (if it can be called that) for all characters are the Wolfheads, a group of independent loners all seeking to make a living and (ideally) to get rich in the Zones.


Loners and isolationists, most of these individuals live through trail blazing and scavenging. Most rookie Zoners are Wolfheads if for no reason than they know no other group to join. Though the other factions may offer a greater deal of support or brotherhood some welcome that fact that amongst the Wolves no-one is giving orders or taking a cut from their hauls – independence has some advantages.


To some the Zones are more than a treasure chest, they are a home. In most cases these individuals have lived within the Zones from their creation, they have seen the changes the Zones have brought firsthand and learned to adapt to the dangers. Though the high-level of background radiation may have some adverse effects, the other dangers of the Zones tend to make any long-term risk irrelevant. Fringers live in the relatively safe edges of the Zones mostly subsisting through scavenging or poaching.

Criminal have long been attracted to places where the law cannot touch them. For some the Zones offer a place to conduct their activities without interference or perhaps just a safe sanctuary from pursuit. Once within the Zones criminals tend to join the Bandit fraternity, engaging

in a variety of profitable activities. Some bandit choose to work with others, whether to support their own skills or if they become tired of being cheated by their brothers.

Unit (the)
Order in a chaotic place, the Unit are a paramilitary mercenary group who's self styled mission is to protect the world from the dangers of the Zones. They are professional and determined, unlike the army the Unit only promotes through ability and takes great care to look after its members. The Unit spends much of its time hunting dangerous creatures and aiding the objectives of other groups if they are viewed to be beneficial.

BDF (the)
The present form of the Army is the British Defence Force, their duties include the security of internal and external boarders and ensuring the Zones remain free from trespassers, something they do particularly poorly at. Most BDF recruits are serving their period of national service and wish only to survive their tour, veteran soldiers tend to be savvy and often have some dealings going on the side to make army life a little easier. When coupled with the fact that they can often go for months without being paid it is perhaps not surprising that some soldiers take a step to the other side of the fence and try to earn some easy money in the Zones in their off duty time.

Marshwell Labs
The main Government laboratories are at the forefront of Zone research and scientific endeavour but they are mired in funding shortages and bureaucratic red tape. The majority of researchers have to spend years working on larger projects before they earn the respect to receive their own funding, competition is great also with everyone pushing to make the next big discovery, this makes secrecy a major part of anyone’s work at the Labs. In this environment some researchers take the risk to carry out some ‘private’ research in the Zones. Most Marshwell researchers concentrate on physics or chemistry, indeed Dr Kellerman who first defined the Zones was a senior Labs researcher, however there also smaller teams working on medical and biological projects.

Havenfield Institute
The only scientific institute remaining that does not work hand in hand with either the Government or a major company. Havenfield Institute is an free thinking organisation well known for their alternative approaches and non-standard working practices. Without major backing however the Institute is forced to rely on aging equipment and ambitious methods, without Government support they are unable to obtain Zone Permits and so must work based on items smuggled out from the Zones. It is common therefore for Institute researchers to brave the Zones themselves seeking some particularly elusive answer. Havenfield concentrates earth-sciences, biology and medical research but chemists and physicists are also welcome, especially when their work has parallels to other areas of the Institute.

Torn Street Lodge
For some the Zones are not a source of wealth, a threat to the world or the greatest discovery waiting for science – they’re a dangerous wilderness filled with monstrous beasts and are the greatest buzz and play-site the world has ever known. For some rich kids the traditional hobbies of sailing, skiing and paragliding have been replaced with the rush that comes from sprinting through the Zones, dodging Anomalies and snipers, to snatch a treasure before making it back in time for cocktails and a night of partying. For the more mature wealthy individuals the Zones offer the greatest Safari on our very doorstep and the mutants that dwell within as the most challenging and dangerous of game. Both mindsets find a lot of common ground and these individuals have come together into Lodges, the one based in Torn Street, New London, is one of the better known groups.


Restricted Organisations

These groups are not freely open to player characters for reasons of recruitment, allegiance, style or operation, mission or history. Characters interested in joining one of these groups should speak with a Referee.

CSF (the)
Civil Security Force – a centralised police organisation, their duty is the enforcement of civil law. They rarely enter the zones, leaving that work to the army, though they occasionally lead expeditions to target particularly sought after criminals. All CSF officers are authorised and trained to use lethal force if necessary. The CSF also supports small elite units of paramilitary-commandoes, these highly trained individuals are rarely used but much feared as their direct tactics far outweigh the forces that near any law breaker could hope to muster. The final, often overlooked, aspect of the CSF is a highly trained detective division. With roots reaching back to some of the first law-enforcers in the world, these individuals are capable and clever; many a criminal has fallen afoul of the CSF after simply assuming they are nothing more than thuggish patrolmen.

United British Utilities – one of the largest corporations within the Isles, their responsibilities extend from energy production to farming and factories. They have close ties to many branches of government and are seen as a true British success story, having survived the collapse remarkably intact. Many people work for UBU, though most do not realise it -this organisation has taken great cares to ensure that many of the influential surviving industries owe a sizable dept to the UBU or one of their subsidiaries. It is also true that nearly every home is powered by a UBU powerstation, and nearly no one has lived their life without eating at least one UBU ‘Mr Chow’s Noodle-Pot’.

General Consolidated Chemicals – once a major petrochemical company, they have expanded to cover all branches of science. They are at the forefront of medical and genetic research, operating many labs across the Isles. They have a stated goal to harness the benefits of the Zones for the good of Humanity.

Vern Lodge
A closed and secretive hunting lodge, their membership is undisclosed, but is rumoured to include many powerful government and company men. These hunters are supported by lodge staff who are frequently professional soldiers and outdoors-men.

Blue-Shields, a common name for a group of professional mercenaries. Their activities are varied and it is generally assumed that they work for the highest bidder. Their training and equipment are both top of the range, suggesting their services carry a hefty price-tag.

Special Operations Command – the military’s hidden power. Whilst common troopers might be ill-equipped and poorly motivated, these troops are the best of the best. Equipped and trained to the highest level, they are seldom seen to act, but rumours suggest that Armed-Forces Command call upon them when failure is not an option.

Known for two things: subversive attacks on the communications system, and bombs attacking the domestic and transport centres of the county.

Allied British Militia – a major terrorist and paramilitary organisation in the British Isles. They are involved in a skirmish war with the police and other security services. Some consider them to be heroes struggling to reform the oppressive state, whilst others view them as murderers and thugs. They are said to be based in the Zones and other wild areas of the countryside

Temple (the)
The Temple of the Unified Zones Spirit. Commonly known as The Temple, they are a new faith who have reformed beliefs of past times to now meet with the creation of the Zones and the twisted world that has been formed within. To them, the Zone are paradise on earth that can only be realised by those with the fortitude (and faith) to survive the Zones’ dangers. They work hard to spread a message of goodwill outside the Zones and, in recent years, have gained many converts, most of whom would never consider making the journeys into the ‘promised lands’.




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