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In the Game World pages individuals can find information on the system background and game world in 5000 REM.


N.U.R Party Archive - Broadcast November 2022:
Please Remain Calm: We can report that that the unknown incident effecting Great Britain is more than a national phenomenal, with the rest of the world also having been rocked by a cataclysmic natural event.

We can assure people that this is not an attack from either a terrorist group or rogue state, our initial reports indicate that the damage is global and no nation has escaped unscathed.

Most likely explanations at this stage point toward the earth having passed through a comet tail of an unknown composition. People should remain calm but be alert for further impacts.

We are attempting to contact central government but communication lines have been disrupted and emergency responses will likely need to be co-ordinated on a local level.

Until we receive information from the Disaster Response Committee we shall do our utmost to support relief operations. We are currently liaising with the Armed-Forces and the Police to assist the population.

All party members should report to their local office to be assigned emergency response roles, further volunteers will be welcomed, especially those with military or medical backgrounds. The police and army-forces will be patrolling the streets we ask that people comply with their directions. Unless you are directed otherwise remain within your homes.

Now in this troubling time we can show our support of Britain is absolute.



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5000 REM Update

For our current information checkout our facebook page:

5000 REM

This website is still managed & updated for player services and downloads but for up-to-date news we've moved over to facebook for day to day information.





Evening everyone,
A reminder that this Friday is the IC evening at the Glowing Dog, start time will be 1900 as usual.
15th February (Friday) - IC evening
22nd February - Downtime Deadline
16/17th March - Day Event - it is looking likely that this will be the 16th as F&H is running on the Sunday. Anyone interested in attending please let me know by the 17th of February (this Sunday). So long as numbers are decent we will be running the Dark Valley mission where are all that training from January can be put into play. This will also be our first multi-site mission.
Mid April - Weekend Event/Indoor - this is dependent on a few things, though I have been told that F&H have a fest running on the 12th of April so it is unlikely to be then.
Any questions, please let me know.




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