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“Everyone has to make a living.”

A lot of folk come out here to get rich quick. Well, I’ll tell you so, the only thing you get quick here is dead. But if your careful and watch yourself, you can really turn a nice profit. I remember this one time a mate and I pulled this great shiny Artefact out of the Zone and sold the damn thing for near ten grand -course that was back in the day when stuff as all over the place. Now all that cash has been spent and the land’s been picked clean and there are half a dozen guys after every score – it’s bit harder every day to make it.
In the early years after the formation of the Zones, a disparate group of people began to risk the military patrols to delve into the expanses of this new frontier, their reasons as diverse as their backgrounds. Some craved freedom, some adventure, while others were just simple scavengers – it did not take long to discover that in the ruins of what had been left behind contained some riches. The dangers of these explorations quickly became apparent as Anomalies -areas defying the normal laws of physics that could reduce a man to a bloody corpse in seconds- and the ever-present risks of radiation. These trail-blazers, though trial and bloody-error, learnt the ways of the Zone and built the foundations of what was to come.
It was one of these early explorers who discovered the first oddities that have now come to be called Artefacts. Initially thought to be little more than a curiosity, the discovery of their unnatural effects suddenly revealed a far more important element of their nature. The value of Artefacts shot sky high, and a gold-rush began to the Zones with every chancer and scavenger heading in with the dream of finding a rare and valuable Artefact, and in doing so secure their fame and fortune.
Of these opportunists, the death-toll was shockingly high; most were without any sense or skill and radiation and Anomalies racked up victims. Some were lucky and some smart enough to learn from those who had come before, and the outer limits of the Zones were breached. These times came to be known as the ‘good-times’ or the ‘Zones-Picnic’, as those who had made their way past the initial dangers found their risks well-rewarded, with many exciting Artefacts uncovered and fortunes made. As with all good things, they have to end; the government and military became increasingly aware of the level of illegal scavenging and the Army responded. Borders were reinforced, patrols were stepped up, check-points became larger and the punishments metered out became harsher and more uncompromising. A greater worry, however, came from the Zones themselves, as the first mutated beasts began to appear. Though some strange wildlife had already been encountered, they were but a hint at what horrors resided towards the Zones’ hearts. Soon explorers began to find themselves contained from without and hunted from within.
Those who continue to explore the Zones are still a mixed bunch, but their numbers are fewer these days and they are far more careful and organised in their approach. Things are closer to the early days of the Zones; it is clear that the Zones do not give up their treasures easily and many are happy to explore the Zones simply for the adventure or the sights. Still, the majority seek wealth of some kind, but experienced wanderers often earn their way as guides or tutors to those who venture into the Zones on their own missions.

Background: Most who become Wolfheads do so without knowing or recognising it, simply by entering the Zone without any prior allegiance is all that it takes. By the same measure, Wolfheads have no typical backgrounds or skills; those that survive quickly learn to be self-sufficient and many gain a little knowledge in many fields -enough to get them by if no-one more learned is about, but rarely enough to make them a master of any discipline. Most Wolves turn to scavenging to make ends meet, but what drives them is defined by the individual and, as such, their methods and attitudes vary greatly. Time, however, often builds a common camaraderie of men who have survived similar dangers and faced similar challenges. This oneness may only stretch as far as the campfire light, but for most it is a welcome feeling in an otherwise unforgiving world. Rookies are often disparaged as the walking dead, but the occasional more parental veteran may give the time to teach these new pups enough to stay alive during the first days, at least.

Typical Characters: Loners and adventures with some survival skills, their choice of life is dangerous so many have experience in basic medicine or with weapons. Most have just enough skills to get by -long enough until they die or quit the life that is.

Rules & Requirements: Wolfheads are not an organisation as such, rather a loose grouping of peoples who make no claim to any other allegiance. Though without any particular loyalty, Wolfheads tend to react badly to those who have killed other Wolfheads – after all, they might be next. Wolfheads have no true reason to aid each other, but most will assist a fellow loner if they can. Those who shirk this ‘duty’ often earn a bad reputation which tends to make their lives difficult in the long run.

Appearance: Wolfheads have no common appearance, but their self reliance often means they carry all they need upon their person.

Allies: None

Views on others:
Fringers: Scav’s and freaks the most of them. Wouldn’t turn my backs on ‘em, but they know their patch of Zone.
Bandits: Thieves and killers; don’t trust them.
Unit (the): Got enough trouble with one bunch of soldiers trying to take control of everything -don’t need another.
BDF (the): An occupational hazard.
Marshwell Labs: Egg-heads, work for the government, though that says you’d best not trust them too far.
Havenfield Institute: Boffins and old-hippies; they want to ‘save the zones’. I think it can take care of itself.
Torn Street Lodge: Rich boys playing at being hunters. At best, they’ll get themselves killed. At worse, they’ll take you with them.
CSF (the): Cops? Never seen them in the Zone; pain-in-the-ass everywhere else.
UBU: Don’t they make the lights stay on?
GCC: They’d love to see half the shit I’ve seen, but they’re too scared to come in to see it.
Vern Lodge: Rich Bastards with a load of bully boys to back them up – great.
Blue-Shields: Hired thugs, depends who they’re hired by. Not worth the trouble most the time.
Fuckers, tough fuckers. Stay well clear.
Truth: I heard they’re a front for the government -trick people into terrorism then arrest them.
ABM: They’re a bunch of bastards who are pissed that they’re not the bastards in charge.
Temple (the): God came down and crashed in a field -yeah right!

























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