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“This is my Home.”

When the Zones first expanded, the authorities did what they could to move people to safety, though there were those who were missed or choose not to leave. For many of them death came quickly, consumed by the volatile new environments or succumbing to disease or radiation poisoning. Some, however, survived and learnt the nature of their new homes and adapted to live within them. Most chose to dwell within the relatively stable fringes and attempted to continue life as before – though it was not long into the early years of the Zones before these Fringers came into conflict with the other explorers of the Zones.
For Fringers, the ruins in the Zones are not just a source of income,e but their very means of life. When the first explorers and looters arrived to plunder these abandoned sites, the Fringers responded to protect what they viewed as their granted resources. The Fringers were unwilling to engage in straight fights with the explorers and instead preferred to rely on traps and ambushes to distract and attack their foes. This unseen and elusive enemy resulted in the Fringers to be viewed with particular fear and distrust by the explorers. Wild tales circulated that Fringers were freaks and mutants, driven mad by radiation and were now more animal than man. As more explorers began to enter and settle in the Zones, a stalemate of sorts was reached and the Fringers could see it as inevitable that they would not halt the invasion of their world. Now the Fringers exist as recluses, trading with the other Zoners for what they need, and valued for their experience in the Zones, though the early days of bloodshed and secrets has left a deep divide between them and others. Fringers themselves live a life closely tied to the rhythms of the Zones -that other Zoners are ignorant or uncaring of these means that Fringers commonly view others as rookies who don’t deserve to survive the Zones.
The Fringers have a longstanding animosity with the patrol-forces of the BDF; standing orders are to repatriate all native dwellers of the Zone to safe urban dwellings. These forced repatriations have given rise to a great deal of dislike of the BDF, and many commanders take the view that destroying Fringer property to be a surer way to encourage them to leave. However, as the Fringers and BDF are the only permanent residents of the Zones, some form of coexistence was inevitable, and this became especially true when the army began its pushes against other Zoners. For accepting Fringer communities and BDF commanders, a system of tribute (or protectionism) was set up, where Fringers provide the garrisons with moonshine, scavenged valuables or other similar commodities, and in return the Army patrols take care to avoid Fringer dwellings, at least for those who pay for this service.

Background: Many of those who become Fringers were those who were simply dwelling in the areas of land that became the Zones. When the government troops came to clear the areas, some simply hid, whilst others snuck back when they found their new home insufficient. Many were unprepared for the dangers the Zones posed and were the Zones first victims. In time, only the fittest or most fortunate remained, their knowledge hard won and most of those who survived bore the scars of lessons hard learnt.

Typical Characters: Wilds-farmers, woodsmen, isolationists or survivalists.

Rules & Requirements: Fringers are a hardy and independent lot, there is little that unites them and they can be classified only by their isolation and background.

Appearance: If Fringers have a common appearance it is of scavenged clothes and gear marked with use and many home repairs.

Allies: None officially, though the BDF and Havenfield Institute tend to view them with a degree of acceptance.

Views on others:
Most of ‘em are green as grass. Old-dogs are okay though, till they get the gold-look in their eyes.
Bandits: Wow! Bad dudes! They’re real mean bastards. Dumb as mud though – they don’t live long out here.
Unit (the): Tinker, tailor, soldier! Yep, they’d try to organise the sky if they could!
BDF (the): Ah most them just scared boys -the rest, fukkin nut-jobs.
Marshwell Labs: Brains, came in here an’ took a load a readin’s, then went away! What a life.
Havenfield Institute: Yeah, they’re okay I guess -brew a mean ‘shine.
Torn Street Lodge: One of them boys shot my damn dog! Some hunter!
CSF (the): Bandies come here to avoid them -guess they’re bad news.
UBU: Whatever these guys want, I don’t know; maybe make the Zones spit out money...
GCC: They made the gas for my stove. I don’t know much more.
Vern Lodge: Ah - I heard of them. Fukkin wack dudes -cold, damn cold…
Blue-Shields: Oh they try to fight the Zones – it teaches them though.
SOC: They came in here and burnt my Nans hut, an’ didn’t let her out first!
Truth: Only truth I know is smoked or drunk!
ABM: If they’ve got a point to make, I don’t know it.
Temple (the): Does a God live in Zones? I don’t know – I think it might be more likely the Devil.





















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