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“Every day to make a coin.”

By their very nature, the Zones are a wild place free from the laws that govern elsewhere, this in-turn atttracted a criminal element, some seeing it as an opportunity, others as a place to hide from the forces or law and order. Whatever drove them to the Zones in the first place, a common goal know unites the criminal elements within the Zones: to get rich. Whilst the illegal trade in Artefacts seems to be the most lucrative, it is also the hardest and most dangerous. Many of the less ambitious Bandits settle to scavenging, buying and selling contraband and extorting money from other groups within the Zones.
Bandits are usually organised into simple gangs, each staking a claim to an area and hoping to wring as much wealth out from it as possible. These hodgepodge groups are typically controlled by the most senior or ruthless individual who charisma and strength keeps the others inline, whilst attracting fresh-blood. While there is little honour amongst this desperate people, loyalty is expected; for getting caught, betraying your own is likely a death sentence. In larger more stable Zones, a criminal underground has built up, with a central powerful figure attempting to control all gangs in that area. The level of influence these individuals have is debatable, and any centralised power structure only lasts so long as its leader maintains the power to control it. In most cases, the Bandits exist in a ruthless food chain with only those close to the top earning any serious rewards.
Bandits find their mindsets and typically urban backgrounds leave them somewhat at a disadvantage when it comes to adapting to the Zones harsh environment, but they are in most part survivors who are happy to allow an ally to risk themselves and learn from their mistakes. In the search for Artefacts and scavenges into the inner parts of the Zones, Bandits commonly recruit the services of other, blackmail, kidnapping or slavery are popular methods of securing the cooperation of others. These methods unsurprisingly make the Bandits even more disliked by the other factions, and this often boils over into aggressive encounters. Of the two factions who would most like to see the Bandits eliminated, the Wolfheads are too disparate to organise any unified actions and the Unit has bigger fish to fry for the foreseeable future. Though in frequent conflict with the other factions, the Bandits commonly spend a great deal of time fighting rival gangs, often over lucrative endeavours and patches. These gang wars are fluid and brutal, but long memories can make them protracted affairs with many attacks and subsequent reprisals.
Increasingly, some bandit groups have settled down to a near-civilised lifestyle and have begun hiring out their services to interested parties and, whilst their skills in less reputable areas are welcomed by some, all know where these individuals came from and few are willing to trust them wholly. The brutal and ruthless lives of the Bandit gangs drive some members into isolation, and when they must seek others, they choose the distrust of the other factions to the scheming of their own.

Background: The Bandits accept many, but propagate the needs of a few. Chancers, smugglers, conmen and thieves, those who find themselves pursued by the law may flee to the Zones for some perceived escape. The Zones however are a tough and unforgiving place, and most of those that survive are common thugs willing to rob and coerce those about them, while clever folk are occasionally called upon -the greatest rewards are often hardest to reach. However, though common thugs are easily kept in check, many gang-leaders fear clever and able individuals, seeing them as threats to their own leadership, and able men who they cannot break often find themselves at risk of their lives, sometime before they even realise it. Due to this, many able bandits choose to toe the line within the groups reaching out for some independence and wealth as loners, or marketing their skills to others, which serves them very well, until their superiors discover something they don’t like.

Typical Characters: Young criminal, Escaped convict, Looter, Smuggler, Bully-boy.

Rules & Requirements: Whilst individual groups might have their own rules and structure, the massed bandits follow no rule other than that of the strong controlling the weak. When no-one else is about to fight, they spend their time stealing from each other. The penalty for failure or being caught stealing from the communal pot is invariably harsh. All bandits are expected to pay tolls or taxes to other senior members; though these can be reduced for solo operators, any benefits that might be earned are similarly reduced.

Appearance: It would be wrong to assume all Bandits sport common tracksuits and cheap jewellery, but enough do to make that their stereotypical image. Most experienced bandits trade their urban clothing in for hard wearing simple apparel that is easily maintained in the Zones. Face coverings are common amongst Bandits who are trying to avoid being known.

Allies: None; few have respect for the Bandits and no-one would be stupid enough to trust them as a whole.

Views on others:
Let them do the dangerous work, then I’ll take the reward.
Fringers: Yeah – fukkin rat-men. I swear saw this one dude with like seven fingers on each fukkin hand.
Unit (the): Yes sir, no sir – what a fukkin joke.
BDF (the): One of them fukkers near shot me in the ass getting in here! I’d show ‘em if I were up close.
Marshwell Labs: Some kind of science shit? What?
Havenfield Institute: Science? Their gear is too hard to shift.
Torn Street Lodge: Damn, we caught one of those boys in here with like a grand on him.
CSF (the): Fukkin pigs, they chased me in here, but they’re too fukkin wuss to come and get me.
UBU: Ah shit, I forgot to pay the lecy bill when I left. Oh well!
GCC: I found some monitoring site they’d left out there -nicked what I could.
Vern Lodge: Boss warned us off these guys. Too much trouble I heard.
Blue-Shields: One day I’m going to hire those guys and get them to fuck some shit up for me.
SOC: Okay, even I’d stay away from those guys.
Truth: Who gives a fuck!
ABM: If I had as many guns and bombs as them, I’d be fukkin loaded by now.
Temple (the): Fukkin’ loons, they ain’t even got any shit worth takin.

























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