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Unit (the)

“The Zones are a threat to everyone, and we will stop it.”

The origin of the Unit is oft a source of campfire conjecture. The most commonly heard tale is that, in the early days of the Zone, many military and PMC troops ended up cut off from their parent units, and to face and survive the changing nature of the Zones they banded together. Eventually, united by a personal philosophy to protect the world from the Zones’ horrors, they became an officially unified body. Whatever their origins, they are now a tight-knit and determined fighting force; a bond of brotherhood joins them and they present one of the most unified fronts in the Zones.
Rumours say that the leaders of the Unit still have connections with the military. Whether this is true or not, the Unit certainly has access to some high-end gear when they choose to pull out the stops. Unit forces are organized about a ‘Fort’ within each region and smaller ‘Bunkers’ supporting outlying forces and operations. Each base has a designated commanding office in charge of Unit activities within that region. These commanders have a free reign to conduct their operations, but all report to the Units Senior Commanders whose location and identities are unknown to outsiders.
The Unit’s primary concern and stated mission is the containment and destruction of the Zones and the restoration of safety for the general public. The success of the actions is debateable for, as successful as the Unit’s hunts and patrols might be, the Zone typically fights back with equal fury. The majority of the Unit’s activities rely on holding areas of land and contesting those who would seek to exploit the Zones. When it goes on the offensive, the Unit typically moves against dangerous creatures or camps of those it deems to be undesirable. The Unit also acts in a slightly mercenary role, providing security to other faction’s operations – particularly Marshwell Labs with whom they have a long standing relationship.
The government takes a dim view of paramilitary organisations such as the Unit, but given the fact that they concentrate their actions to the Zones, dealing with the Unit is placed far down the list from the more real threats of Truth and the ABM.

Background: The Unit typically seeks to recruit those with a military or similar background, and all members are expected to be able to carry their weight in combat operations. The majority of members are well-trained civilians recruited into the Unit or soldiers disenchanted with army life defecting to a group where one’s actions can be seen to make a difference. Not all the Unit’s members are hardened warriors and many of the Unit’s members serve to support their fellows’ actions – however those following more intellectual fields within the Unit tend to still be direct and practical, such as medics or mechanics. Those interested in following softer sciences typically find themselves a more suitable home elsewhere -not that the Unit doesn’t appreciate their efforts, but most members of the Unit follow a ‘fight first, investigate late’ attitude that researchers begin to find wearing.

Typical Characters: A skilled soldier, a combat-medic, a scout, a field-mechanic

Rules & Requirements: All members of the unit are expected to follow a strict military discipline. Failure to do so elicits a harsh and often corporal response. All members of the Unit are expected to swear an oath of loyalty and forget any previous allegiances. Character’s joining the Unit must have at least 2 levels in a martial skill – the Unit considers that no-one should go unprepared.

Appearance: Nearly all unit members wear surplus army gear out into the field, but most customise their equipment and apparel to suit their personal style and tactics. The only common appearance of Unit members is the use of their distinctive red and black colour scheme that they wear as tags or use to mark items as unit property – in the simplest cases this is just strips of fabric worn about the right arm.

Allies: Marshfield Labs

Views on others:
A bunch of opportunists, thieves and beggars. They’re lucky we’re here to keep them safe at night.
Fringers: Quick and quiet bastards, but I don’t trust ‘em. Zones have gone and made them squiffy somehow.
Once we’ve got everything else square up, we’ll sort them out too.
BDF (the): I did my tour with them before the Unit showed me what it’s like to have commanders who care and who are in the field.
Marshwell Labs: Good boys, wouldn’t last a second on their own though – typical science types.
Havenfield Institute: These folk give proper researchers a bad name, always talking about ‘communing’ with the Zones.
Torn Street Lodge: Rich play boys looking to get dead real quick out there. Can afford good kit though.
CSF (the): Don’t think they’re much more than bully-boys for the capital now.
UBU: They offer good money for what you can pull out the Zones, but I don’t like the smell of their money.
GCC: They want their piece of the Zones just like everyone else, but I think they’ll just stir up shit for us to sort.
Vern Lodge: I don’t know much about them. They leave me alone - I repay the courtesy.
Blue-Shields: Some folk, who don’t know better, think we’re the same. Blues are just blood guns for hire – no laws.
SOC: Damn good troops, damn good. Government dogs though.
Truth: Killing civ’s like that makes me sick. Bombs are a coward’s weapon.
ABM: They want to be some kind of rebel army, damn poor discipline though.
Temple (the): Pray all you like, but it’s sweat and blood that gets the job done. Ain’t no saviour in the Zones either.
























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