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BDF (the)

“For Britain We Serve.”

The changed nature of the world has drastically changed the make-up of the Armed-Forces. Airborne anomalies quickly all-but grounded the RAF, and the Navy was beset by similar problems at sea. With global travel impossible, both aircraft and ships were rendered redundant. The N.U.R government quickly restructured the Armed-Forces into a form that suited the new world. All forces were redeployed into infantry formations, with the now non-existent risk of a conventional war resulting in the near retirement of Armoured and Artillery divisions. Renamed as the British Defence Forc, their role came to be the security of Britain’s coastline and the newly formed Zones of Isolation. For much of the soldiers of the BDF, life is a boring routine of guard-duties in isolated watch posts and patrols along desolate boundaries. Internal security is technically the role of the police, but the resource strained CSF often call upon the BDF to provide grunt support or to deal with terrorist militiamen or bombs. The BDF are also, from time-to-time, deployed as a cudgel against the population to put down rioters or guard threatened installations.
To maintain the numbers of troops for guard duties and to maintain an active population, all resident upon finishing school at the age of 16 are required to undertake four years of national service where they are given gainful employment and trained in skills that they may take forward in life. Only those with government approved employment or moving into technical colleges can avoid this period of service (though those unemployed at the end of college may again find themselves required to serve). Consequently, the vast numbers of BDF members are poorly motivated and young, whose only aim is to keep their heads down until their service is over. In the right posting, the life can be seen as easy (if somewhat dull) and many turn to illicit activities to stave-off boredom until their time is done. Duty to the borders is preferred; the constant watch for terrorists and illegal immigrants is typically uneventful, and tours to the Zones are seen as far more hazardous, where sentry duty can be risky enough and the much-hated patrols are an open invitation for death at the claws of some Zone-spawned-beast or unseen anomaly.
For many, the BDF present three guaranteed meals a day and the chance to see the world outside their immediate city, and, with luck, the chance to earn some easy money on the side.

Background: The BDF is a mix of new recruits and toughened career soldiers. All members are trained in a variety combat forms, though the proficiency of some recruits is questionable. Many older veterans have picked up some basic survival skills and a similar number have more than a passing familiarity with less-than lawful pursuits. Within the BDF, specialist careers exist and many members have skills in maintenance or first-aid. There also exists specialist branches within the military of Medics to cover their medical need, Combat-Engineers to maintain or build new fortifications, and Mechanics to service the large number of vehicle and aircraft the BDF deploys. The two elites of the BDF are the Commandoes and the Ordinance-Control Units. These two groups specialise in their fields and are most commonly called upon to fight the respective terrorist threats within Britain – both groups are highly trained and well-motivated.

Typical Characters: A savvy veteran, a raw recruit, an unappreciated specialist.
Characters serving in the BDF in 5000-REM will likely have decided to spend their time in Zones more productively and attempt to score big with some lucky haul or well-paying job. Though when on duty, they are the bane of all other scavengers lives, AWOL BDF members are often welcomed to Zone-expeditions as some much needed (and maybe expendable) muscle. BDF members caught by their superiors taking unauthorized trips into the Zones should expect to be dealt with very seriously. Due to the illegal nature of their work, soldiers joining expeditions are generally unable to use their government issue gear and instead must equip themselves with civilian or ‘commandeered’ military-surplus.
‘Loyal’ BDF soldiers are unlikely to join expeditions in 5000-REM, but character concepts can be discussed with a Referee.

Rules & Requirements: Characters joining the BDF should have at least one weapon skill at level 2 – though this need not be Use Firearms. Character seeking to play a veteran trooper should consider taking a second weapon use and an Armour Use Skill. In theory, BDF members follow strict military law and are expected to be wholly loyal to the Government and Nation. In practice, so-long as rules are not broken obviously, most members can do as they like when they are not on duty. Professional soldiers often have schemes and arrangements to make their lives easier, whilst recruits tend to keep their heads down hoping their national service will soon be over. Members who are caught breaking any of the complex and institutionalised rules should expect harsh punishments or even criminal charges levelled against them.

Appearance: The army supplies a great range of military gear to its troops; all are supposed to be equipped with the latest uniforms and battle-dress, but in many cases supply shortages mean that outdated or surplus equipment is supplied instead. Although having access to a ready supply of BDF gear, some troopers who choose to work in the Zones deliberately avoid wearing military equipment to disguise their regular day-job.

Allies: The Torn Street Lodge -the BDF are well aware of the wealth (and willingness to spend it) of the Lodge members – perhaps they are also able to recognise the trouble that rich and powerful individuals can cause.

Views on others:
Bloody opportunists, fools looking for an easy score. We straighten out those we catch, the rest are no-hopers.
Fringers: I heard they’re strange folk; those that the radiation or anomalies didn’t kill ended up strange and twisted. Standard orders are to evacuate survivors and hold trespassers – I think locking them all up in the Zones might be the best though.
Bandits: Damn scum! I don’t care about orders I’d shoot these guys on sight.
Unit (the): Bunch of traitors -they turned on their country for coin. They think their so high and mighty, but they’re just dirty mercs.
Marshwell Labs:
These blokes are meant to be on our sid,e but I’ve never even seen them around to help us out.
Havenfield Institute: A different load of know-it-alls; at least these folk are about as badly off as we are.
Torn Street Lodge: Bloody Rich-kids, they don’t ever have to freeze their asses off in some watch-tower 50km from the nearest pub.
CSF (the): Alright boys – always calling on us when things get rough though!
UBU: What’s to say – gasmen, sparkies that’s it?
GCC: Those guys went in Deep-Zone in a bunch a ‘copters then called on us to pull them out when the shit got stirred up.
Vern Lodge: Another bunch of rich arseholes. Got passes from someone to romp about the Zones.
Blue-Shields: I knew a couple guys went over there when their tours were over. Good money, but some risky shit.
SOC: Damn those guys are good, but the bastards get all the cash. I ain’t be paid in two months.
Truth: Cowards trying to kill civ’s and scare the government. I wouldn’t even listen to their radio, but they’ve got some good tunes.
ABM: Militia? Bloody fools – they’re terrorist scum and that’s it.
Temple (the): If I had a quid for every Zone-struck crazy trying to sneak over the boundary I’ve turned around…




























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