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Marshwell Labs

“An answer is only a matter of time.”

The Marshwell Laboratories were founded before the Event and were considered world experts in theoretical physics. The majority of this institute’s funding came from government, but their work was always in the background to more popular (and profitable) sciences. During the political upheavals following the first Events, they were able to maintain some level of contact with the government and their funding due, in no small part, to the fact that the country found no answers from more conventional sciences. After Dr Robert Kellerman discovered the now eponymous effect, the institute became a firm favourite with the authorities and they are arguably the most knowledgeable in the field of Inner-Zone-Physics in Britain and, as far as they know, the world. Government patronage has attracted many brilliant scientists and enabled the Laboratories to spread from their original centre in Shropshire to setup satellite labs across the country in areas close to Zones of particular interest.
Government funding and patronage are not enough, however, to ensure sole access to the Zones and their secrets. UBU and GCC are both keen to secure the Zones secrets from themselves. Their wealth and size gives them a great advantage, and influential government connections allows these companies to gain access to Zone permits that they might not already have had.
Marshwells Labs increase in size has not been without its own problems though; separate sites and even individual researchers have become paranoid and private. Many fear that their work might be stolen by a fellow researcher or even a rival in one of the corporations. Every notable discovery brings great prestige and influence, securing funding for many years to come. This competitive attitude has begun to hamper the labs operations as concepts and theories are no-longer being freely shared, whilst resources are closely guarded. Permits to enter the Zones or obtain Artefacts are notoriously scarce, and it is now common for researchers to risk everything breaking government regulations to mount their own private expeditions to the Zones.

Background: All characters wishing to join Marshwell Labs need to have a minimum of a total two levels in any science skill of their choice. Characters wishing to be researchers should have at least two levels in a science skill and preferable at least one level in another science. Characters joined to Marshwell Labs in 5000-REM are likely minor researchers early in their careers, either denied access to Artefacts and Anomalies or hoping to find a shortcut to success – either way they have chosen to trade their skills and expertise to others in the hope that when on an expedition, they may encounter something that would be of value to them.

Typical Characters: A junior researcher, a poorly paid scientist, an ambitious technician.

Rules & Requirements: Marshwell Labs members are expected to follow a basic code of scientific morality and to follow a standard or reasonable conduct when dealing with fellow researchers. The Labs only harsh rules cover the handling and possession of harmful materials or organisms; those found violating the strict Physical-Chemical-Biological-Artefact/Anomaly (PCBA) handling procedures are likely to find themselves in hot water very quickly.
Appearance: Labs researchers tend to wear simple civilian clothing made for outdoor use, but with no particular trend.

Allies: The Unit

Views on others:
The thought of how many potential discoveries have been lost to these buzzards makes me shudder.
Fringers: If they have any worthwhile information, they’ve reduced it all to witchcraft and superstition by now.
Bandits: The worst sort: ignorant and greedy.
Unit (the):
A little too gun-ho for my mind, but we couldn’t get our work done without them.
BDF (the): I’ve spent a little time with them to know that they are so poorly equipped they cannot hope to be an aid to us.
Havenfield Institute: That they can even call themselves scientists amazes me!
Torn Street Lodge: The Zones are delicate mechanism that doesn’t need some Ya-hoo running amuck through it.
CSF (the):
My work is totally aboveboard, I assure you. Speak with the administrator – I’m sure the CSF need have no business with me.
UBU: Offered me twice my salary to work for them, but I saw through their lies to the greed that is beneath.
GCC: Another bunch of thieves and no-goods.
Vern Lodge: I don’t think I’ve ever come across them.
Blue-Shields: If I’d received my complete grant I might have considered to hire them.
SOC: I’ve heard of them.
Truth: The stuff their radio-broadcasts: what stupidity!
ABM: I am a scientist, not a politician.
Temple (the):
Religion and science make poor bedfellows -a common attitude of the simple though: to replace the un-comprehended with the divine.























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