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Havenfield Institute


“The Zones are here -we had best make what we can of them”


The Havenfield Institute was founded in the pre-event British Isles as an independent scientific commune and research support group where scientists could join together to share ideas and concepts, allowing free-thinking and progress. The meetins were annual and held at Havenfield House, a manor in the Southwest from where the group took their name. The gatherings were the brain-child of the wealthy Joseph Haigh and acclaimed Dr Sanjita Manip. The majority of the research was concentrated into fields of earth science and biology, many of the researchers sharing common interests in climate change and global resources. As the 21st century progressed, their warnings of climate change and eco-system damage became increasingly accurate, gaining the group a great deal of credibility. Haigh’s willingness to fund alternative concepts or investigate homeopath treatments also attracted a wide selection of bio-chemists and independent pharmaceutical researchers. This relaxed approach to work and the unconventional research direction left some to consider the gatherings to be nothing more than a new-age commune.
When the 2022-impacts occurred and traditional research centres became fractured or destroyed, what had been an informal group became a defined entity, Havenfield House quickly acquiring resources and the equipment that allowed them to become an effective scientific institute in their own right. It was timed as such that the Impacts occurred during one of the summer gathering, the assembled experts quickly lending their expertise to the local relief efforts. Those scientists with background in medicine were most well-received as their treatments allowed many to survive who might otherwise have perishe,d whilst the Manor’s self contained systems and onsite power generation meant that it could become a literal haven for those who had lost their homes.
After the Impacts, the Institute suffer somewhat in the changing world, many of its members returning to their homes and their liberal view point clashed with authoritarian tones for the new age. However, the groundwork for the Institute had been laid, and even though pressed, it endured. Some scientists chose not to leave, and the local people remembered well the aid that Havenfield had been able to give them. When the Kellerman field was discovered, many researchers at Havenfield recognised that the para-natural nature of this field may hold clues to unlocking the mysteries of their own work. The appearance of the Zones, however, came as a total surprise to all of Britain’s scientific communities and Havenfield, like the Marshwell Labs, lost many talented members in the resulting chaos. It was some at Havenfield who recognised the first true benefits the Zones had to offer and, whilst most attempted to discover the source or the nature of the Zones, teams at Havenfield studied the changed nature of the Zones and were able to begin to understand the complex eco-system that was developing within. Discoveries of new plant species and the complex bio-chemicals they contained led to the discovery of the first post-Zone drugs -a hint at the marvels that might be uncovered within these new areas.
Havenfield Institute exists now as strange island of calm and independence amongst the mass of competing researchers and scientists that surrounds them. Havenfield has developed within the surrounding countryside and is well supported by the local people; it now boasts its own infrastructure free from the limitation of the national Government. This is not to say that the Institute does not have problems, and its open attitude has left it exposed to espionage in the past. Its independence gives it a great deal of strength, but, outside of its sphere of influence, the Institute finds it hard to appropriate new equipment and, as time goes by, its workspaces have become increasingly filled with Heath-Robinson-esque designs, working to span the gaps left by aging machinery. Joseph Haigh, although well into his nineties, still has contacts in high places and is able to protect the Institute from the worse of governmental interference. The Institute has no official clearance to enter the Zones, so all their work must be done beneath the radar. The Institute’s willingness to ignore procedure and take what some might consider dangerous risks, presents an interesting position for the government, who are willing so sit back and reap the rewards from any success and deny knowledge of any failures -for now that is. In the last five years, the Institute has setup many smaller laboratories across the county and even encouraged the research efforts of sole-researchers, but many worry that when Joseph dies, the much less politically considerate Dr Manip will be left in charge, and the future of the Institute may come into question.
Some have questioned Institute practices, damning their methods for a lack of foresight, and there have been occasional lapses in ethics, though the Research-Council has been quick to point out that these are failings of individual researchers who were duly punished. It has also been noted that certain recreational drugs bare a striking similarity to the some of the research conducted at the Institute, and it has been suggested that the Institute finds it necessary to pursue alternative methods of funding, though even their harshest critics have never managed to make any rumours stick.

Background: Character’s of any scientific background are welcome at Havenfield, though the most common are biologist, bio-chemists, doctors and zoologists.  Individuals with ‘field-experience’ are always appreciated, especially when that experience lets them around normal procedures or into places they wouldn’t normally be able to go. Most members of the institute are fairly self-sufficient and more of the support staff than usual of a research establishment are able to look after themselves in a fight. Members of the Institute are often either recruited from the areas about their labs or are researchers dissatisfied with the environments of the more orthodox scientific establishments -given the Havenfield’s reputations few uptight researchers bother to approach them.

Typical Characters: An environmental activist, an experimental biologist, an outspoken GP.

Rules & Requirements: Characters joining the Havenfield Institute are expected to follow a code of moral conduct that covers the sharing of research and co-operation between researchers. Recently Dr Manip has tightened up security and researchers are increasingly encouraged to keep their work confined within designated Institute areas. Characters who wish to join the institute should have at least two levels in any science or similar skill (this may be spread across two skills).

Appearance: Institute members are rarely distinctive; their wide ranging outlook means their apparel varies as greatly as their approaches to work.

Allies: Fringers (though this is mostly via a shared outlook)

Views on others:
These guys, they search for wealth, but they miss what the Zones truly can offer us.
Fringers: They know the Zones, have grown up with them, but without an evaluating eye.
Bandits: I’m loathed to give up on anyone, but these bastards, they’re pushing it.
Unit (the): They want to crush the Zones under a jack-booted foot – I don’t think its going to let them.
BDF (the): They work for the big G, but most are just kids or crims  -give them some booze or fags and they’ll pass you by.
Marshwell Labs: Cold, clean M-Labs – their too busy spying on each other to get any proper work done.
Torn Street Lodge: Ho-hum, bunch a rich kids with nout better to do than shoot shit up.
CSF (the): Ha ha, those guys -they’d love to get their hand on my special-brew!
Your standard big, faceless “caring” company. I’ll make sure to send them a copy of my next paper.
GCC: Harnessing the Zones for the benefit of their Directors since 2020! Good lads – ha ha!
Vern Lodge: Here’s an equation: Rich + Arseholes = One big headache. Oh yeah and they’re still arseholes.
They’re just dogs -I worry about which big-bastard is holding their leash at that particular time.
SOC: Ah, good old Storm-troopers – ready to kick some ass and keep us all “free”
Truth: They’ve got some sound ideas - the bombs, I don’t know?
I’d give their talk of liberty and freedom two weeks if they ever got in power.
Temple (the): These guys have some well natty ideas – totally rubbish, but they make you laugh, you know?






























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