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Torn Street Lodge

“Live everyday like it’s your last.”

For some the Zones are not a source of wealth, a threat to the world or the greatest discovery waiting for science. They’re a dangerous wilderness filled with monstrous beasts -the greatest buzz and play-site the world has ever known. For some rich kids, the traditional hobbies of sailing, skiing and paragliding have been replaced with the rush that comes from sprinting through the Zones, dodging Anomalies and snipers, to snatch a treasure before making it back in time for cocktails and a night of partying. For more the more mature wealthy individuals, the Zones offer the greatest Safari on our very doorstep and the mutants that dwell within are the most challenging and dangerous of game. Both mindsets find a lot of common ground and these individuals have come together into what have become known as lodges.
The Torn-Street Lodge is named after its central clubhouse on Torn-Street in London, but now has branches all across the country. The only requirement to join is a sizable deposit and the recognition of an existing member, followed by a vote from the ruling Council. Lodge activities typically involve seeking out and hunting dangerous mutants or deep-rangings towards the heart of the Zones, often with the promise of some noteworthy trophy to be uncovered. Trail-blazing and discovering new routes is particularly popular with some members as it is coupled with the thrill of being explorers of a hither-to uncharted land. Torn-Street is commonly seen as a young-person’s lodge with the majority of members engaged in fairly extravagant lifestyles when not in the Zones. Clubhouses are a centre for training and kit maintenance, and in the case of the Torn-Street Lodge, fairly good bars and restaurants where the shining stars of the Lodge scene can boast and plan their next great adventure.
There is a small division between hunters and adventures, but common backgrounds and experiences tend to make both groups fairly united, in the field at least. The reckless or warrantless actions of the Lodge earns them few friends from without however, and most other Zoners consider them to be a liability, risking dangerous routes or stirring up hostile creatures. Even the Unit, who some would expect to have common ground with the Hunters, views them poorly, maybe as they advocate a controlled and ordered cull of the Zone, but some say the military-minded Unit has a residual dislike of the idle rich and their treatment of the Zone as a playground.
The Lodge, for its part, shrugs off any criticism and its members are sufficiently headstrong to ignore any insult aimed directly at them. The one thing Lodge members have which is welcome in the Zones is money and the good equipment it buys. It is not, therefore, so uncommon for Lodgers to buy their way onto others’ expeditions in the hope of the chance to live out their dreams in the Zones. Running expeditions can be frighteningly expensive, and it not uncommon for well-off youngsters to exhaust their finances before they manage to exhaust their lives – for those of only reasonably high means, the need to ‘slum’ it with other expeditions becomes all the more likely. Lodge members also sometimes have the political connections that can make difficult transits into the Zones a piece of cake, with the Army happy to assist a documented ‘scientific expedition’ on their progress into the Zones.

Background: Character’s joining the Torn Street Lodge are typically young, rich and bored. What their interest are after join is generally left up to the individual member. Members who are too dull may find themselves short of friends, and most Lodge-houses include a complex social hierarchy, but often the knowledge that they are better than the sprawling masses keep them fairly united -only when left with no other distraction do they turn on each other. Typical members have something to prove, either exploring the most Zone, finding the rarest treasure or hunting the most dangerous beast – in these pursuits they’ll often compete with friends or rivals, but for most it is all just sport and at the end of the day everyone will share a friendly drink. Some are just hangers on or flunkies to more senior members, and in one memorable case, something of an amateur naturist keen to ‘spot’ as many new species as possible.

Typical Characters: ‘Professional’ Hunter, Rich Playboy, Bon Vivant

Rules & Requirements: Characters wishing to join the Lodge should have 2 skill levels in income and pay a club fee of £500 a year (first instalment is considered paid if the character begins the game as a member). Members of the lodge are expected to assist other members and offer and maintain the reputation and honour of the lodge at all times. Members acting against the lodges caveats face disciplinary action and possible expulsion as decided by the Lodge committee.

Appearance: With the advantage of money on their side, most Lodge members are well-dressed and well-prepared. What they choose to wear varies on their chosen hobbies, but is typically warm and well-made.

Allies: BDF are the preferred hirelings of the Lodges for assistance and as bodyguards.

Views on others:
Always scrabbling to make a coin; we hire them from time to time.
Fringers: Crazy, mad guys – not sure if they’re that way from the rads or from having dads for brothers.
Bandits: These bastards would love to get their hands on my kit.
Unit (the): Damn serious chaps, not much fun.
BDF (the): Glad I avoided the draft when my time came.
Marshwell Labs: Maths and graphs, this and that.
Havenfield Institute: They remind me of ol’Boffo-Borman at college - never understood his classes either.
CSF (the): Good old boys in blue!
UBU: I might work for them when I need to settle-down.
GCC: Jeremy works for them over at some Lab, but he was always too hard-working to have a good time.
Vern Lodge: These fellows are brother hunters, but damn they are dull -it would like being out with pater!
Blue-Shields: Yeah, we hunted with these guys last year -good to watch you back.
SOC: Hell, yes – these guys keep those terrorists and scum at bay.
Truth: Good tunes & bad bombs.
ABM: Handy-Wilson was something to do with them I’m sure. Got himself shot somewhere over West I heard.
Temple (the): Loony-patrol – watch out for the moon-god – nuts!



























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Evening everyone,
A reminder that this Friday is the IC evening at the Glowing Dog, start time will be 1900 as usual.
15th February (Friday) - IC evening
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