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There is no limit to the number of skills a character can have, so long as they have character points to spend on them. All skills are available in 1-3 levels, without a level in a skill, a character can not attempt an act using it. Some common skills are listed here, though a character’s background can give access to unlisted skills.




Skills & Abilities

Skills are earnt in level from 1-3 they represent a character’s experiences, knowledge and invested time. Skills are purchased through down-time submissions and are paid for in AP. There is no limit to the number of skills a character can have in 5000-REM, similarly there is a no limit to the skills that are available for a character to purchase. Any real world knowledge can be obtained as a Skill, but some skills will always have more function than others, e.g. Being a potter will only take you so far in the Zones, whilst being a trained Archer is more likely to earn you friends. The skills listed in the Skills section of the Players’ Handbook are only a guide to the most common, useful skills and players should speak with a Referee with regard to any unlisted skills that might be appropriate for their characters. There is no limit to the amount of times a skill may be used in a day. Skills do not require concentration to use.

Abilities are granted by skills brought to a required level. They are automatically gained once a character has advanced sufficiently within a skill, and are lost if a character ever looses that skill level. Abilities are simply a codification of an action that a character may perform due to the skills they possess. Abilities typically are limited in their use to a set number of times a day or encounter, though some may be used without limits. Most abilities require concentration to use; those that do not will specify in the ability’s description.

Typically abilities would:
Bandage – the character can apply bandages to heal an injury and stop wound-loss. Bandaging does not restore lost HP and the bandaged character will stay debilitated (though may be woken if unconscious). This ability is commonly granted by the Medicine Skill.
Simple Weapon Use – the character may use short weapons with one-hand and slightly larger weapons with two-hands. This ability is commonly granted by the Use Weapons Skill.

Both Skills and Abilities may have some prerequisite before they may be gained. If a character looses a prerequisite during play, any associated skills become equally unusable. A common prerequisite is that to gain the Advanced Fire-arms Skill, a character must have two levels in the Fire-arms Skill.

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