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Background Skills

Background skills are similar to regular skills as they are an example of the character’s time and advantages in a specific area. The major factor influencing these skills is the fact that they do not need a teacher to advance. Instead the character should accomplish a collaborating action in-game.  Background skills mostly influence downtime, but may also effect in-game reactions from NPCs and what equipment is available to the character. During creation, characters should, as a rule limit, themselves to level 1 background skills – higher levels maybe allowed but will be questioned by referees and should be explained in a character’s back-story.


The income skill directly covers how much cash a character earns over each DT period. When a character purchases this skill they should state the source of their wealth. Wealth is fairly constant, but major shifts in the character’s actions may result in this skill’s loss. Wealth also affects the character’s starting cash.

Prerequisites: Advancing this skill does not require a teacher, but does require a collaborating in-game action.

Level 1 – This character earns a little more cash then someone else would do in their position. Maybe they hold down a second job or sell ‘surplus’ equipment on the local black-market or have a minor research grant.

Level 2 – This character earns considerably more than someone else would do in their position. Maybe they were left a trust fund by a wealthy relative, they can formulate an effective narcotic after regular lab hours, or are well-paid to undertake special tasks within their organisation.

Level 3 – This character is exceptionally wealthy and earns far more and any comparable character. Maybe they are the child of a company director or they successfully developed a new technology of which they now reap the profits.

Organisation Status (named organisation)

This skill covers the character’s rank and respect within a particular organisation. Usually, rank and respect go hand in hand, but potentially a character could maintain a low rank and gain a great deal of respect, or even a high rank but be thoroughly disrespected (though for how long their rank would persist in this state is debateable).

Prerequisites: To advance this skill a character should have accomplished some in-game goals in relation to the chosen organisation. If needed, a Referee or NPC can give indications of what these goals might be.

Level 1 – The character has gained basic level of respect or rank within this organisation. They may receive help with simple tasks if they request it. They have a basic understanding of the organisation and its structure.

Level 2 – The character has gained a high level of respect and possibly rank within this organisation. They also have a good understanding of the organisations structure and methods. They have a good chance of gaining support if they need it.

Level 3 – The character has reached a very high rank with this organisation and is likely highly respected. They also have very good understanding of the organisation and may have been party to some of the organisation’s hidden dealings.

Influence (local/national)

This skill governs how much power and influence a character can call upon within local or national organisations. If a specialisation is taken for this skill, it will significantly increase the character’s importance within the named group, but decrease outside it.

Prerequisites: To advance this skill a character should accomplish a collaborating in-game action.

Level 1 – The character can make few phone calls and maybe scrape a favour together, though their contacts would likely want something in return. This level could represent a valued soldier who had served well in the past or a petty criminal with access to more important associates.

Level 2 – The character can make near reasonable and some unreasonable requests of people in authority and see results. This level could represent a blackmailer who has access to sensitive information, or a respected scientist who many would go out of their way to assist.

Level 3 – The character can call upon impressive associates and get equally impressive results; minor people will quickly leap to attempt to gain this character’s favour. This level could represent a child of an important minister, a career soldier with many old comrades or a criminal overlord.


This skill covers the character’s sources of information. This skill can be important when affecting what information a character gains in certain types of research. It will also affect the number and quality of rumours and reports the character receives in any pre-game rumour list. When this skill is purchased the players should specify the source of this information.

Prerequisites: To advance this skill a character should accomplish a collaborating in-game action.

Level 1 – The character has ears in a variety of places and is well-connected to a couple of sources. This could be mean the character is a regular at a popular pub, or shares information with a common journalist.

Level 2 – The character has many sources of accurate information and is in a position to uncover a wide range of facts, if they searched for them. This could mean the character socialises with the local police captain, or has a mole within another researcher’s team.

Level 3 – The character is in a position to learn many goings on and even uncover secret information with a little effort. This could mean the character as a friend who is a senior civil servant, or perhaps they have access to government databases.


These are NPC and other individuals who look out for and are interested in the character. They differ from skills like contacts and influence as they themselves tend to have the power rather then the character, and differ from hired assistants as they would follow or aid the character out of loyalty and not payment. Supporters can provide a variety of assistance, mostly dependant on their position and nature. Supporters exist in two forms, primary – important individuals (generally named NPCs) who would look after a character and secondary – who are more numerous in number, but have less individual power. Both have their own strengths and uses.

Level 1 – The character is well liked by an immediate superior or the leader of a small group. This might be a veteran explorer or perhaps the character’s drinking friends, maybe the local school teacher remembers the character fondly and is willing to cover for him.

Level 2 – The character the character is watched over by a powerful individual or has the favour of a reasonable group. This might be a local VIP or the population of their whole village.

Level 3 – The character has a near guardian angel in some high up position or the support of a large group. This might be an old war friend who is now a general or the loyal backing of an entire research community.








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