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Q If I am part of a faction do I have to buy status to gain IC rank?
A No, status is a measure of respect that a character has within their organisation, rank is separate from this. This is done so that receiving an IC promotion doesn’t force a character to have to spend AP on increasing their status. A low ranked trooper might have status 3 and be highly respected within their organisation but an officer might be highly ranked but have no status, whilst people would obey him, he lacks any respect, meaning that people will dislike him. A trooper with no status is just another cog in the faction’s machinery. Without status a character is limited in how much support their faction will afford them.

Q I have skills that could be used to make items, can I use these skills to gain more equipment during character creation?
A No, everyone starts on an equal playing field and may only purchase equipment from the character creation price-lists. This is because the equipment taken during character creation represents items that a character has gathered over their back-story, characters haven’t been created with all their skills and cash in a single instance. The only characters who may purchase starting equipment at a reduce rate is a character with the ‘trader’ background skill. This skill exists so that a merchant character can begin the game with some stock of items, it has limitation and disadvantages attached and does not exist so that a character can buy their own starting equipment cheaper.

Q How much starting money/equipment will my character have?

A All characters begin the game with enough money to purchase enough basic equipment to play any character. Normally, this will let them accomplish one or two skill-based task types (fighting/healing etc.). Additional starting money is available to characters with the Income skill. Full information on character equipment will provided in the up-coming equipment section.

Q There is an Income skill. If I don’t take this, will my character earn cash in downtime?

 A No, all characters earn a salary based on a variety of factors like their status and position – this typically represents their standard day-job or similar. Income represents an additional source of character income.

Q I don’t have time to participate in complex downtime -will this hinder my character?

A No, full downtime is never needed by characters in 5000 REM. At a minimal level, characters must submit a simple downtime report to advance skills. Also downtime is divided up into manageable periods so that both Referees and players can easily accomplish and engage in downtime on a level field and in a time convenient manner. There will typically be six downtime periods per year. Only one simple submission per period is needed for a character to accomplish their downtime aims. Characters who submit advanced downtime will be rewarded for their efforts, but characters who cannot will never be penalised.

Q Can I play as a member of a restricted organisation?

A Organisations are listed as restricted for a variety of reasons, but characters are able to be members. An interested player should discuss the details with a Referee who can advise on the possibilities.

Q Do I need to use the firearms skill to join the BDF?

A No, the military needs members with a variety of combat skills. Veteran members of the BDF will likely have some firearms experience, but the Zones mean that this isn’t a given. It should be considered that all members of the BDF and indeed Unit have been shown how to shoot a gun, but experience on the firing range doesn't translate to combat ability.

Q If I play as a member of the BDF do I get a full set of military equipment?

A No, the military supplies its members with some kit when on duty, but those members of the BDF working independently in the Zone must use their own gear.

Q References are made to pricelists -why isn’t there one in the players guide?

A A pricelist is available for character creation and will be available as an appendix to the main guide. Once a character is playing, a different pricelist is used that will be updated during the game responding to local changes and player actions. Due to these changes, pricelists are a separate document.

Q How decayed is in-game society?

A Society still exists and in many ways is an extrapolation of current trends. The general population is happy to remain in the cities and trust the government to make the right choices, whilst they spend money on a few luxuries and watch television. The world is more ‘Children of Men’ than ‘Beyond the Thunderdome’. On the edges of society, things are more difficult and people do what they can to get by. Law and civilisation still reaches this far, though the lines are more blurred.

Q Can I play a wanted criminal?

A Yes, being sought by the CSF (or other organisation) is a common reason as to why people might flee to the Zones.

Q What happens if I want to play a character who uses a non-listed skill?

A Almost any real world knowledge can be represented with skills -only the commonest skills are represented in the written lists. For more information, speak with a Referee.

Q What counts as normal, good or exceptional costume/backgrounds?

A Normal is what any character would need to play.
Good is something that demonstrates thought and time on the part of the player. Characters are well thought through and are suit the gameworld. Costume matches the history of the character and suits the gameworld.
Exceptional is something well beyond the norm for the game. A diverse and well written background, with tie-ins to the gameworld and that reflects the nature of the game, producing a well rounded character. A costume that is exceptional should show a very high level or care and thought, details of the character’s costume and props should be personalised and enhance the game world.

Q I’m only playing a ‘normal person’ how can I have good/exceptional costume?

A Costume also covers the physreps a character might carry. Players should think about how their character thinks and lives and how a costume reflects this. In films, an actor never performs in their own clothes even if they are just playing a 'normal' person -details of costume are arranged to match the story of that character.

Q Is 5000 REM a Player vs Player system?

 A Though 5000 REM does not forbid PvP conflicts they are not encouraged. The focus of the game should be on teamwork and surviving against a greater enemy, that of the gameworld, if conflicts between characters arise then they should be dealt with IC, remembering the OOC feelings of both parties involved


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Evening everyone,
A reminder that this Friday is the IC evening at the Glowing Dog, start time will be 1900 as usual.
15th February (Friday) - IC evening
22nd February - Downtime Deadline
16/17th March - Day Event - it is looking likely that this will be the 16th as F&H is running on the Sunday. Anyone interested in attending please let me know by the 17th of February (this Sunday). So long as numbers are decent we will be running the Dark Valley mission where are all that training from January can be put into play. This will also be our first multi-site mission.
Mid April - Weekend Event/Indoor - this is dependent on a few things, though I have been told that F&H have a fest running on the 12th of April so it is unlikely to be then.
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