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03/01/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin   
Monday, 01 March 2010 19:47

Dates section is now updated with the details of the first event.

The forum section should now be working, anyone having problems just let me know.



Last Updated on Monday, 01 March 2010 19:53
02/20/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin   
Saturday, 20 February 2010 11:58

Full version of Character Equipment up now and FAQ updated.

5000 REM Info > Downloads


Character & System Info > Character Equipment




02/17/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 12:11

For all characters wishing to play the first event the deadline for character concept/background submissions will Friday the 26th of February, or preferably sooner. This will give me sufficient time to review backgrounds, answer any queries and supply finalised character generation details before the event on the 7th.

Character submissions should consist of the following:
Character summary - concept, faction, interested skills (if any are unknown at this time leave blank)
Character background - a written history for the character (this can be as long or as short as is wished).
Character costume details - a sketch/photo/description (the more the better) of what costume you have planned for you character.
Passport style photo - a blank background headshot in the style of a passport photo (scan or digital image). This will be used to make your IC id cards etc.

If you do not wish to play on the 7th this deadline does not apply. All submissions should ideally be digital but if you wish to supply this information in a different manner please let me know.

Once I have the details I will sort out any addition creation-points and advise of any further available skills. Once your skills are finalised a full character pack will be supplied.


5000 REM first event.

Will be held at a local Tyne and Wear site on Sunday the 7th. This will be a 'feature-length' single adventure with time to brief players and answer any rules queries.

The event will cost £5 to play.

For this event I would appreciate 3-5 volunteers (depending on player numbers) to perform crewing roles - this is a perfect chance to experience the systems for those who are interested in the game or those who don't have the time to create a character before March. All crew for the first event will receive a reward great than what is normally given for crewing.
Any queries, just let me know.






Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 February 2010 12:14
02/19/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin   
Friday, 19 February 2010 14:47

Updates coming soon.

Today the remaining character creation information will go live:

  • Character starting funds and skill information.
  • 5000 REM overview on currency and 'build' items.
  • Character Creation Pricelists.
  • Faction specific minor-bonus equipment.


This weekend will also see updates to:

  • FAQ


Any queries just let me know.







Last Updated on Friday, 19 February 2010 14:55
02/14/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin   
Sunday, 14 February 2010 21:35

I have been away from sorting out the final details of the system for a few days now whilst I've instead concentrated on producing props and physreps for the up coming first event. As word is now spreading and we've had the first introduction meeting I am starting to get more feedback and questions from people. With this in mind I've added a FAQ page (5000 REM info > FAQ) with some of the more relevant or common questions.

As a lot of people have been asking about the references to starting kit and money in the players guide I though I would take the opportunity to shed some light on these remaining areas. I am currently waiting for feedback from a couple of my concept testers who are checking for any balance issues but the cash for starting characters will likely be close to this:

Standard Character £60

Income 1 +£25

Income 2 +£50

Income 3 +£75

(Income skills will not be cumulative).

The temporary pricelists can be found in the downloads section.


A finalised version of this will be available this week but this should be a good clue to how things will look overall along with some of the modernised armour and weapon types available.




Last Updated on Sunday, 14 February 2010 22:02
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